Dementia + Music

Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are isolating diseases. People living with dementia are often cut off from the social situations that they once enjoyed, exacerbating issues of loneliness, isolation and disease progression. Caregivers often experience the same issues when they are cut off from friends and activities. Music can help with these issues!

The Victory Chorus in action, members singing with their songbooks raised, led by a conductor, in a display of harmony and collaboration.

Victory Chorus is designed to provide opportunities for social and musical engagement, both of which benefit people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Two members of the Victory Chorus engaged in a warm conversation, both wearing face masks, embodying the supportive and caring community.
A shaded music note icon, representing the central role of singing and music in Victory Chorus.

Music helps with many of the cognitive changes that take place as we age.

A group of Victory Chorus members enthusiastically raising their hands during a choir activity, demonstrating engagement and participation.
An icon of a light bulb, symbolizing ideas and inspiration within the Victory Chorus community.

Music literally “lights up”our brains, making us more alert, improving cognition, and promoting a sense of well-being.

Two elderly male members of Victory Chorus wearing colorful leis and smiling, showcasing the fun and joyful atmosphere of the choir events.
An icon of a brain, indicating the cognitive engagement and benefits associated with Victory Chorus's musical activities.

The areas of the brain that recall music and nurture singing are among the last to be affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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Two Victory Chorus members sharing a songbook, with one person pointing at the music, symbolizing the collaborative and supportive nature of the group.